Do’s and Don’ts when shopping in the Discount Stores

Most of us love to pick up discounted items not just from shop sales but also from online shops that give huge discounts especially in the holiday season. Buying on sale doesn’t mean you’ve already saved money. Remember this mantra: If you don’t need it even if it’s on sale, it is still considered an unnecessary expense.

That’s the reason why we’re fans of discount stores. These shops offer products way cheaper than the large establishments

So how can you make the most out of your thrift store shopping?

First of all, have a survey in your house. Check for the things that you need: What do you REALLY need?


  • Make regular trips to your local discount store.

  • Discount stores are like grocery stores: what they don’t have today might be there the next day. So if you can, take a small detour before heading home you might see some items that are at very low prices!

  • Check the quality of the items that you’d like to get before buying. Just like when buying new clothes, you need to check them first! Take note that most of the discount stores have a ‘no return and no exchange’ policies.

  • Buy decent cheaper clothes ONLY when you need them. They may be cheaper in discount stores but then again, if you don’t need it even if it’s on sale, it’s still an unnecessary expense.

  • If you are a music lover, a discount store may be a better place for you to look for CDs or records. Often times, discount stores have vintage collections and believe it or not, you can buy ‘the classics’ for a much cheaper price than their counterpart music stores!

  • Buy with cash, not with a credit card. This is so you can also observe your spending limit and so you won’t go over your planned budget.


  • Spend hours searching. Take it easy, you can still go back the next day. Don’t forget to ask staff the dates of their regular sales.

  • Buy mattresses or bedding. Avoid the occurrence of bed bugs from previously owned beds. Who knows what’s hidden inside the upholstery? It’s hard to get rid of bed bugs and you don’t know what’s inside those mattresses. So it would be better to buy brand new ones than to risk your health.

  • Buy plastic food storage. Did you know that plastic food storages have a lifespan? Also, you don’t know what’s been in there. It probably had some old food residue no matter how you try to clean it.

We hope that these may help you have better ideas on what and what not to do when shopping in discount stores. Have fun shopping!