Drinking Water: Save Money. Stay Healthy.

Nowadays one of the most popular topics that you can read in articles or blogs are the health benefits that we get from drinking water. Water contains zero calories, thus helping you lessen your daily caloric intake compared to soda, coffee with milk & sweeteners and other liquid sources of calories.

But do you know that there is one more obvious benefit of choosing water over ‘coloured’ drinks? It saves you lots of money!

Replace soft drink with WATER

Admit it or not – everybody loves soft drink even if just occasionally. Especially when we eat something greasy or even something salty, our gut screams for a sugary drink and we just can’t help it! But it’s never wise to take too much of something – especially carbonated drinks.

Think about those times that you upgraded your meal at fast food chains or in restaurants just to get a soft drink instead of ordering water. Very costly right? You might think that an additional $1 per meal is cheap but imagine if you do that every day, that’s already $365 per year with all the sugar and unnecessary calories in your body as well.

Regulated intake is good because you don’t have to feel deprived but when it comes to healthier choices, water still tops everything when it comes to benefits. It’s good for your body and your pocket as well.

Drink water and eat less

Have you ever noticed that when you drink water before a meal, you always end up eating less?

Doctors always advise us to drink water 30 minutes before eating and that is a good routine. Make it a habit. Take note that the more you drink water the less you eat and when you eat less, you spend less as well. Isn’t this a smart way to save money?

To-go Water bottle

Always bring a water bottle with you. Whether going to the office, or going out for a jog, or even meeting someone at a coffee shop or restaurant. Make that a habit and it will save you from purchasing a bottled drink. You are not just saving money you are also helping to save the environment.

Water is very important for our body. In fact, at least 60% of our adult body is made of water and it only takes a few days for us to survive without water. You are not just having the good health benefits of water but you are also saving your money.