Easy tips to prepare a budget for your new baby

With pregnancy comes all the changes in your body – the vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to certain smells and food aversions. And it’s not just the physical aspect that will be affected. Prepare your finances too as these will also play an important role from pregnancy to raising kids!

Here are some questions that you need to think about.

Can the hospital bill be expensive when I deliver my baby?

Will the monthly check up cost me much?

Do I have the budget for the basic necessities after my baby is born? – the baby clothes?

Cot? Diapers? Strollers?

Can I still afford everything?

These may be too overwhelming but don’t panic! You have a bubba growing in your tummy and it’s best not to get stressed at this point. Everything is fine. You still have a few months to prepare. And of course, we got you covered! Here are some easy tips to help you prepare a budget for your little one!

Check your current financial status

Sit down and look at where you’re spending your money now.

Where does your monthly income go?

List your monthly expenses and prioritise the necessary bills such as mortgage/rent, grocery budget, internet bills, water, and electricity bill, etc. Take time to look at everything and see where else you spend your monthly income on.

The result of this budgeting activity will be a clearer understanding of your spending habits.

Cut down on your bills

Now that you know and understand where your money comes and goes time to see where, if possible, you can cut down on some of your monthly expenses. Perhaps your monthly subscription of Netflix? Spotify or foxtel bill? Or maybe cutting down your monthly mobile plan? Sit down with your partner and see where you can save money on your monthly bills.

Pay your debts

If you have credit card debt or any other type of debts now is the perfect time to pay them! Visit the bank and check your financial status.

Take away those stresses and get it all done.

Side Hustle

So now that you can see a bigger picture of what your financial status looks like, you might think that you still need some spare $$ before the little one peeks into the world.

Just make sure that you still have time to rest in between tasks – your health and your baby’s are the most important thing during this stage!

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Borrow Baby Clothes

Whether we like it or not, babies grow fast! The clothes that they wear on the day that they are born cannot be worn again after a few months. So if you have some family or friends who can hand-down some of their babies’ newborn clothes this would definitely help the budget.

Meal Planning

Yes, you got it right. Even though you have these crazy cravings you still need to keep them at bay. Always go for healthy options. It also helps you control your grocery budget and control your weight at the same time.

Start a Baby Fund NOW

Starting a baby fund while pregnant is a clever move. It’ll help you out in emergency situations and will give you peace of mind as you get ready to see your little one.

These are just some few tips to prepare a budget for your baby. Along the journey, you can still discover more about yourself and how to manage your finances. Good luck! 😊