Eat Healthy On a Budget

Healthy living is a popular trend that we can easily notice nowadays but healthy food can be expensive and as a result, it’s difficult to eat well when you’re on a tight budget. But worry not! There are many ways to save money and still eat healthy

Here are some tips that can help you eat healthily and on a budget.

Create and Plan your meals per week

Before doing anything else the best way to have great results is to plan everything first. List the meals that you want to have for the whole week then make a list of the ingredients that you will need to buy to cook each meal.

Search the internet and look for some cheap and healthy recipes that you can easily cook.

Tip: Make sure that all the ingredients you have listed down are going to be used so that you don’t end up throwing away those rotten goods. Remember that is a waste and also a waste of money too.

Stick to your List

After finalising the list of food that you are planning to buy, head out to the nearest local supermarket. You’ll see much cheaper and fresher goods than shopping in the big supermarket chains as they are very expensive and not as fresh as the ones that are in the local shops.

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Never shop when you’re hungry

You might find this funny but it’s the truth. When you shop while you are hungry, you often crave foods that are mostly unhealthy and you’ll probably end up not following your list and even breaking your budget as well. Perhaps drink at least 2 glasses of water before heading out. 😊

Buy foods in bulk

If you want to save more, try buying foods in bulk. Make sure that this type of food has a long shelf life such as rice, beans, oats, pasta etc.

Buy fresh fruit and vegetables by season

If you want to buy cheap fruit and veg, try buying them in season. Buying them in season can also be beneficial to your health as they are much fresher and have not been processed or even transported long distances.

Avoid buying junk food

If you’re planning to change your eating habits avoid buying junk food at all costs. Aside from being unhealthy and getting very little nutrition from this kind of food, you might be surprised to see how much you are paying for these snacks!

Look for sales and discounts

This might be tempting but it can definitely save you a lot of money! Take a look at the discounted goods that you can see at the supermarket. Just make sure that you are still on your budget and be mindful of the expiration dates.

These are just some tips to help you plan your journey to be healthy but money-wise as well. It might be difficult to eat healthy all the time but trying the above ideas can make it possible eating healthy doesn’t have to cost a lot

Happy Shopping and Stay Healthy!