How To Earn Money Online

We are in the generation where electronic devices are necessary for our daily lives and the Internet is so important that it becomes a part of our daily routine. The fact is we can almost do anything with the Internet and that also gives us the opportunity to find freelance work.

Here are some ideas on how you can earn money online!

Create an app

If you know your way around programming languages you might want to consider creating your own desktop or mobile app. Take your skills from ‘Hello World’ to something significant that can truly change the way people live their lives – or shall I say, use their smartphones.

And it’s not just about creating something that counts. Most app developers are earning decent money and some of them even made billions out of apps that have been very popular over the years. A sample for this case: Evernote. Check it out!

Write a blog

Express yourself and share your thoughts with other people through a blog or website. You’ve seen bloggers and influencers on Instagram ‘living the dream’, hopping from island to island and even just photographing their way to financial freedom. Well, it’s not just about snapping photos then automatically getting money from those. It all started with an idea!

Write about what interests you or perhaps reviews of something that you recently watched, eaten or used. Create something that will provide value and information to your readers. Remember this mantra: Content is King. Out of all the thousands of content online, it takes a special one to really strike a chord. Now your first piece may not be perfect but just be consistent with what you’re writing about.

Promote your blog to your friends & family, ask them to share your write-up if they find it interesting. Nothing’s better than a free advertisement.

So when will the money come in?....Traffic.

When people read your blog and you have Google Adsense hooked up on it, you’re in for some luck….

If your blog reaches thousands in organic visits every month you can also start offering paid posts. For example: you may reach out to certain businesses to do a review of their products in exchange for a few bucks.

Building a blog takes time but once it starts making money you’ll definitely be hooked with content creation and you will also learn how to strategise your content in a way that will also fit your schedule - multiple wins… 😉

Create a Youtube Video

If blogging doesn’t work for you, try vlogging! A lot of people earn money from Youtube so why not try it too. There is a lot of content to choose from. You can have a travel vlog, eating vlog, funny short videos and the list goes on! Shoot a video for Youtube and if it goes viral you can earn money running ads for any future videos – plus Youtube pays you if you have tons of views on your channel!

Paid Surveys

Does it ring a bell to you? Did you know that your opinion is very important? According to you can earn up to AU$500 a month from taking surveys! Here are some of the websites that you can take a survey from and then get paid too.




• MyView

Online English Tutor / Teacher

This kind of job has been around quite a while now and yes, you can earn money through your English communicating skills! Since English is the international language most Asian people want to study English the easiest way as possible and that is through online. All you need is a Skype account, a headset, a quiet environment, a stable internet connection, and a plain background then you are all set!

Handy Tip: Search for this kind of job on or

These are just some few ways to earn money online and we hope that we have helped you find a suitable and convenient job to earn extra bucks that can help you with your daily expenses or savings. The opportunities are everywhere so choose one or more and hopefully, it will give you a good amount of money! 😊