How to Enjoy Autumn Without Drying Up Your Pockets

Leaves start falling and the breeze is getting cold. Obviously, summer is almost over but that doesn’t mean less fun for the family. Ditch the old mentality that new adventures mean new expenses as well – there are tons of activities this season that you can do for a minimum cost or none at all!

Go Fruit Picking or Visit an Orchard

Many orchards are open to the public during the autumn season and allow you to fill your basket with all the fruit you can fit in it and yes, for FREE!

Get Baking

Save those fruits that you’ve picked! You’re going to need them in the kitchen. How about creating something out of those for your sweet tooth? Baking is always a great activity to pass time and bond with family, so why not? An apple pie would be both yummy & healthy for the kids! Click here to find out yummy and delicious recipes.

Go Camping

Autumn offers you unique scenery that only happens in one season. So why not take your family camping to witness the beauty of nature as the leaves change their colours?

We have listed down some activities you can do on your camping trip.:

• Trail Bike Riding

• Tree Climbing

• Hiking

• Kayaking

• Bonfire

Go do a leaf scavenger hunt and create an autumn artwork

Still out camping? How about adding some fun twists! Have your children collect leaves of different colours or a different type of tree leaf.

Here is a list of artworks that you and your kids can do out of those beautiful leaves without a cost.

DIY Leaf Bowl

Autumn Mason Jar Candles

Waxed Autumn Leaves

Autumn Suncatchers

Visit a Zoo

If you didn’t have the time to go to the zoo last summer, this is your best chance. The weather is much cooler than weeks ago and there would be fewer people visiting the place!

Go to Museums

If you and your family love the Arts taking children to the great indoors, how about visiting a museum instead? Museums have great benefits for kids providing memorable and immersive learning experiences. The Queensland Museum offers FREE general admission but charges for some exhibitions and special events. Check it out and enjoy!

Go Crazy on Board Games

Don’t feel like going anywhere? Have fun playing board games! It is also a good way to get the kids away from electronic devices, can develop their thinking skills and have a fun time together with them as well.

There you have it! Don’t let the cold weather or the tight budget stop you from having fun this season. After all, it’s the most colourful time of the year. Go out and enjoy.