How to Keep Your Kids Entertained without Going Broke

Being a parent can be a hard job especially keeping your little ones entertained for a long time. You can end up fighting an unending battle and if you aren't careful, keeping them busy can sometimes create a major dent on your pocket when you’re the spending type of parent. But hey don’t fret. We have listed some ways to entertain those tiny feet for free.

Camp indoors (in your living room or kids’ bedroom)

Get ready to draw the curtains, hand out flashlights and add some twists. Listen to the popcorn pop and get your ‘camp area’ ready and pretend you are sleeping under the stars. Add some camping activities such as a shadow puppet show, story telling or grab a guitar and kids musical instruments and have a concert.

Doesn't it bring back some childhood memories? 😊

Inside or Outside Splash!

Get ready to get wet. Kids love water whether it’s sink water, bath water or even hose water - it doesn't matter. If you have a little extra money you can add some twists to those old water battles by purchasing some water balloons or water guns from the discount stores. If the weather isn't too good you can also have a bubble bath with some non-toxic, cheap glow sticks that are also available in the discount stores. You can then enjoy a neon-themed indoor bubble bath party in your very own bathroom and turn the music on! 😉

Have a drive to the pet store.

Kids love animals and there is no easier and cheaper way to show and let them explore by driving them to the nearest pet shops in your area! Who knows? You might end up getting a family pet there too for a small cost. 😊

Have a Family Movie Night.

Make use of the monthly subscription that you have with Stan or Netflix and watch a family-friendly movie with your kids. Make your family’s favourite movie snacks such as popcorn, home-made icypolls or cookies and milk. Sounds very relaxing right? You might end up enjoying the movie too!

Take them to the playground.

Taking your kids to the playground can help their social skills and communication with other kids. Let them mingle and explore their differences while having fun. Don’t worry you’ll enjoy it too. You can have a chat with other parents and maybe get some tips from them too. 😉

These are just some of the ways on how to keep your little ones enjoy in almost no cost. Always keep in mind that they are only little for a short time but will remember those happy experiences with you. So cherish the moment and enjoy it too!