How to save energy at home for FREE

There are numerous tips on how to save energy but do they really help that much? The answer is: Yes! The are many things that can lower your energy use. Remember that the less energy you use the less you pay for it.

Here are some easy ways to save energy in your home at no cost!

In the Family Room

• Turn off unnecessary lights when you are not using them.

• Switch off unused appliances such as TVs, computers, DVD players, etc as it still uses energy in standby mode.

• Use lamps or spotlights when you only need a small amount of light.

In the Bathroom

• Knock off a couple of minutes on your shower each day or install water-saving showerheads to reduce energy and hot water consumption.

• Unplug appliances such as hairdryers and other bathroom utensils after usage.

In the Kitchen

• Keep freezers and fridges in a well-ventilated area away from the sun and other hot appliances like ovens to save electricity.

• Handy Tip: In order to circulate air freely around your fridge, keep a five centimetre gap around it.

• Keep lids on pots when cooking so heat is not lost this also reduces the amount of time cooking.

• Only run the dishwasher when it’s full. This helps save water too.

• Use an electric kettle rather than stove when boiling water.

In the Laundry

• Only run the washing machine when on full load.

• Use cold water to wash clothes before drying.

• Make use of the sun to dry clothes instead of the dryer.

In Cooling and Heating

• Drop the window shades and close your curtains during the day to keep the house cooler to restrict the sun warming up the house and do the opposite in winter to let the sunlight in.

• add blankets to your bed rather than heating the bedroom.

• Clean coolers, fans, and air conditioners so they run more efficiently.


• Make use of solar lights for your backyard/outdoor premises.

• Use timers and sensors that are programmable to light the outside areas.

• Separate lighting so you can choose areas to light.

We hope that these tips will make changes to the way you use energy and could create a big difference on your next electricity bill and by doing so you are not just saving your pocket but you are also helping the environment too! 😊