How to Travel on a Budget

Everybody loves travelling whether locally or internationally. It’s one of our ways to ‘escape’ stressful work situations that mostly involve day-to-day phone calls, meetings, etc. But the question is how much is your budget for each holiday? Is your budget keeping you from exploring other cities and places? Or is it the culprit why you go home from a trip broke and with empty pockets?

Here are some easy tips that will save you from all those worries.

Transportation Budget

This one should come first in the list.

Determine how much you are willing to spend for your transportation. Whether it’s a plane, train, boat or even a bus ride. Phone applications can be very convenient to use too. In this tech-savvy world that we are living in now, you should check out how convenient technology can be. You can download your favourite airline app and check out if there are any promos.

Handy Tip:

According to CheapAir study, Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days to fly. While Sunday is the most expensive.

Accommodation Budget

Stay in a cozy place but still be mindful of how much you are spending on your stay. Decide what kind or type of accommodation you prefer such as hotel, hostels or apartment rentals, etc. Take time to read reviews! These are very important to see what other guests thought of their stay in that particular hotel/room. Compare the prices for each room in your list of options. This might be a little tricky as you might get a much higher price for the same room. So, search online thoroughly!

Non-negotiables. It’s great to save a few dollars when choosing cheap accommodation but there are a couple of things that you should not sacrifice.

1. Safety and security – put your safety above all else. There’s no use in saving money if you’re putting your life at risk.

2. Accessibility – choose accommodation that can easily be accessed by transportation like public buses, taxis, Uber, etc. It will save you time and effort in navigating the locality.

3. Comfort and cleanliness – easy-peasy: never pay for cheap hotel rooms that have poor sanitation practices. You can’t sleep with roaches flying overhead.

Food Budget

This is the area that you might have difficulty in budgeting as it depends on which part of the world you are traveling to. But worry not! You can actually choose the right hotel that offers free breakfast as part of your package. You can also find some nearby bakeries, restaurants and don’t be afraid to ask the locals! They will be a great help for you. Try some new delicacies that might be new to your taste. Street food perhaps?

Budget for Activities

Your trip will be a total waste if you don’t have an itinerary or list of activities to do. Search online the places that you want to visit such as museums, parks, ruins or other attractions.

Do they have entrance fees? Add it to your travel budget. If you think you’re on the road to empty pockets, avoid big malls and check out local spots & souvenir shops instead.

If traveling shorter distances, you should also try walking rather than taking a cab or a train. You might discover a lot of beautiful spots that are in the area or even meet the locals to see their way of living.

Bonus tip:

Water is very essential when travelling. Sometimes buying water in public places will cost you a lot. Have your own water bottle and fill it with the safest water that you can get in the hotels or restaurants.

Have a safe travel ahead!