Money-Saving Tips for Mothers’ Day

Mothers’ Day is coming up quick and if you haven’t thought of a present to give your mother, wife or mother-in-law, now is the perfect time to think about it!

We have listed some inexpensive & creative gift ideas for you to choose from…

Breakfast in Bed

On this special day let your lady enjoy a relaxing start with breakfast in bed. Cook some eggs,heart-shaped pancakes or French toast partnered with coffee or tea then add some freshly-picked flowers from the backyard for a classic, heart-warming touch. Isn’t it wonderful to wake up with that brewed coffee smell and eggs in the morning? Sounds relaxing to me!

Mothers’ Day Card

This might be a classic idea but Mums always love the old fashioned gestures of love. Create and get some ideas from the link below to check out some fun and creative ways to make a Mothers’ Day card.

Pinterest Link for Mother’s Day Card Here:


Just like on Valentine’s Day, florists tend to hike up flower prices right before Mothers’ Day given its popularity. If you’re thinking of buying some, head over to the discount stores as the price remains the same all year round or perhaps pick up some fresh flowers in your backyard if you’re growing those pretty charms!

Simple Picnic

Mothers’ Day happens on Sundays and it’s a perfect day as most people don’t go to work on this day. If dining in restaurants costs you a lot, having a picnic is the best way to avoid getting stung. If the weather permits grab those picnic baskets and enjoy the beauty of nature. You can also invite your family and friends and have a potluck. Let all the special women in your life join together and have a wonderful time outside.

Spa Day

Treat your mum or your wife to her favourite spa! If your wallet can’t afford spa packages for this special occasion you can purchase a cute tin from craft stores and create your own spa basket filled with beauty products like lotion, bath salts and her favorite scented candle. Don’t forget to decorate your bathroom to make the experience next level.

Cookies Time

While she’s relaxing in the spa, take this opportunity to bake something special for her. Bake your favourites. She will surely be delighted to get a bite of your specialty!

Being a mum isn’t easy. No holidays, no extra pays, no overtime compensation. No wonder we call these awesome women ‘’supermums’’. Give the hero of your life a day off and make sure it’s the best day she’s ever had! But go easy on your pocket - It doesn’t need to cost you a bomb you just need to make it special and a be creative. Happy Mother’s Day to all mums out there!