Money-saving Tips When Going To A Hair Salon

Everybody loves a good hair day at the salon and for some it is one of their favorite guilty pleasures but it doesn’t have to take a huge toll on our wallets. Hair salon visits don’t have to be expensive and here’s how you can save yet still get a beautiful hairdo:

Wash your hair at home first

Hair salons charge you extra if you get your hair washed. They might use high-end and branded products but if you want your hair salon trip to become cheaper then wash it yourself first. It saves you from unnecessary waste of your money too. 😊

Get the right haircut

When getting a haircut choose one that works with your natural hair texture. Get your hair cut accordingly and choose a style that doesn’t require constant trims or touch-ups, unless you feel comfortable doing it yourself at home.

Avoid buying products at the Hair salon

There are times that a cut-and-colour can turn into so much more. If they suggest a product that sounds really good and convincing but you don’t intend on paying for don’t be afraid to politely say no. Also, you might be able to find the same products online or can be bought in your local chemist. Control yourself and look for cheaper alternatives instead.

Touch-up roots at home

Touch-ups are the struggle of people who have colored hair. Most hair salons charge you a lot of money to touch up your roots. So why not do it at home? You can either do it yourself or ask your mum, sister or best friend for help. Aside from the convenience of not leaving your home, you are also saving money that you would have spent if you made a trip to the salon for just a touch up.

Invest in quality hair products at home

It’s not all the time that you have to budget for your hair or the time for an appointment to your favorite salon, so make sure you stock up with products that are right for your hair. Purchase both shampoo and conditioner from the same brand as they are supposed to be have the best results when used together. Additionally, if you choose to go with something natural and safe, you can search online and mix your own homemade hair products. By doing this it ensures that you won’t need additional treatment at the salon or even going their less frequently while keeping your hair healthy at the same time.

So there you have it! It doesn’t mean that you have to completely surrender taking care of your hair or even say good bye to your hair salon visits. There are still many different tips and tricks on how to save money while getting your hair styled right and on a budget. All you need is to spend your money wisely.