Quick and Easy Financial New Year’s Resolution for 2019

Time flies so fast! Can’t believe it’s already 2019!

As we welcome this year with big smiles on our faces, have you accomplished your goals last year? Have you crossed some things off your bucket list or are you planning to do so this year? Are you ready for another set of new year’s resolutions? Worry not! Let us help you with that. Here are some easy new year’s resolutions ideas to help you get started today! 😊

List your Financial Goals for the new year

Identify your needs and wants for the new year. Planning to buy a new car, new home, or new investment? Visualise, create an outline then get moving! Note that both should be on different lists. As for your daily needs, list down the necessary things that you need to pay then cut out some unnecessary things that you have been buying from last year’s expenses. Remember that you need to put in extra for your “want list”.

Financial Audit

Take a seat and go through your bank statements for the last 6 months and classify each expense – whether it’s your rent, loans, household bills, travel expenses, food expenses, etc. Once you have added it all up you will see where your money went and see if you have been spending it right or not. Notice which part is reasonable to get paid and cut out the unnecessary expenses.

Track your budget starting NOW

There is no better time to start tracking your budget than NOW. Track your spending before committing to stick in your budget. It might be difficult at first but think about your goals. Stick to the PLAN! It’s for your own good.


Set a specific day where you don’t spend a single penny for at least once or twice a month. Encourage your spouse to do so too. Spend your day in the house, have a movie marathon, grab a walk or jog outside the house with your pet. You’ll realise that you can spend a day without even letting a single dollar out of your pocket! Sounds fun right? 😉

Get Healthy

Who says that being healthy costs you a lot? Actually, it doesn’t. Compare your expenses spent for your healthy lifestyle to your hospital bills and see which one costs a lot. Losing weight or gaining weight might also be on your new year’s resolution this year (again). Signing up for a gym membership usually costs us a lot of money but wait – there’s a free alternative to having a gym instructor: YOUTUBE.

There are a lot of fitness channel that you can check out and don’t have to use any gym equipment at all and you can also do it any time and anywhere, even at the comfort of your own bedroom. How convenient is that?

Increase Retirement Contributions

Feeling old? Can’t wait for your retirement years? Boost your retirement plans. Seek your financial advisers on how to do so. As what they say the earlier you start the better.

Track and Pay Debts

Always track and pay your debts on time. Remember that it is much better to pay in advance than being late as you might also pay the fines and will cost you a lot which is also not a good way to save money.

We hope that we have given you some smart ideas for your financial resolution for 2019. Let’s face this new year with a smiles on our faces and with smart financial thinking.

May you have prosperity, wisdom and good health this 2019! 😊