Savvy Tips for Students

Education is a vital part of our lives. We believe that having a good education will lead us to a life with more career opportunities and higher chance of success. But sometimes, good education can be very expensive as well. We found some tips that might help you get that most-awaited diploma without draining your bank accounts.


Whether we like it or not books can be very expensive and to think that we only use them for one semester. Chill. You can actually buy some second-hand books! Where? Your university’s student union might help you with this as they might have some book exchange program or some second-hand shops on campus. If not, your next option can be found on the Internet. Try searching for second-hand books that have been sold on Gumtree or other buy and sell online shops. Or try searching for some e-textbooks. They are way cheaper. Talk about saving the environment too! 😉


Going to school with an empty stomach? Not a wise investment for yourself! Remember that it is not good for your body and brain. Cooking can definitely help you save money. Set up a weekly plan for grocery shopping. List foods that are cheap but nutritious and are easy to prepare and eat. Buy fresh foods and bulk staples cost less than packaged ones and junk foods. If you can get some coupons / vouchers, save them!

Planning to eat out? Try eating during happy hour. They actually let you eat at the same meal at a cheaper price!


Being a student doesn't mean that you are exempt on paying your own bills.

This phase is actually your training on budgeting.

Weigh your options first: do you need to eat out for every meal? Or will you save more when you cook inside your apartment? What appliances do you need so you can live comfortably? How much electricity can you afford?

You don’t actually need to buy brand new appliances though. Search for second-hand items online.

In terms of electricity, try to save it as much as you can perhaps using the AC only when the heat is unbearable, turning on the lights only if it is dark. Open that window to get a cool breeze from the outside and light from the sun.

Having a problem with the campus’ free internet? How about try sharing the bill with your roommates. At least you’ll have faster internet that can help you with your studies.


If you’re living inside or near the campus, try walking or biking it helps you exercise without even noticing it. By doing so, you’re hitting two birds with one stone: saving more & doing exercise!

If you’re living away from school might as well use the student discount privileges. Many schools offer discount passes on trains, buses and other forms of public transportation.


Your student life would not be complete without some action and fun.

Did you know that your student ID can be very useful?? You can actually use it to get discounts from movies, theaters, music festivals and even drink specials at some coffee shops near your school.

If you’re bored, schools have annual festivities that students can participate in, be creative and explore apps for your local area that offer discounts as well!


Skipping classes? Feeling sleepy? Bored? Always motivate yourself by reminding yourself the reason why you’re here and the sacrifices made. Remember that being in school is a privilege that not everybody has and you’re lucky enough to be here.

These are just some of the many tips that will help you survive schooling. Don’t forget to have fun, make friends and learn at the same time. It is your training ground for developing yourself and how you will deal with the outside world. So, good luck!