Smart Ways to Save Money on Clothes

Clothing is one of our basic needs as human beings but usually it can run up your budget especially if you aren’t mindful of your spending habits. Clothes may create a lasting impression about who we are or what our social status is but there’s more to creating a great image than just putting on fancy and branded clothes.

Here are smart ways to help you save your closet space and your budget:

Sell clothes that you’re no longer using

Take time at least once a year to check your closet and see if there are clothes that you’re no longer using. Post the clothes online and sell it for a cheaper price. That’s one good way to make money out of clothes that you want to get rid of!

Next option would be the op-shops. The secondhand stores may have items of clothing that you can buy at a bargain and can also drop off unwanted clothes. Check out the link below to see if a store is near you.

For a list of stores in Queensland click here.

Shop at Discount Stores

You know the drill. Discount stores offer you a lot of discounts compared to the prices they have at the big retail shopping centres. They sell items that are overstocked or slightly imperfect pieces.

Shop during a clearance sale ONLY

If you’re an annual clothes shopper, this is perfect for you. Watch out for the clearance sales online and at store outlets as they give 50-70% discount on all items. Just be careful not to overdo yourself when purchasing!

Check the tag before buying

Always remember to check the label before buying. You don’t want to end up spending a lot of money for dry cleaning, right? Try sticking to clothes that are machine-washable.

Know how to take good care of your clothes

If you want to have a successful sale of your clothes when you don’t want them anymore, taking care of them while they are still your favourite pieces is the key.

Here are tips on how to take care of your clothes.

-Wash your clothes gently.

- Use the dryer only if necessary as it is rough on clothing and can cause tiny micro-tears.

- Learn how to sew to do some little repairs.

Be creative and accessorise

Take out your inner fashionista and use your accessories to style your existing wardrobe. Belts, scarves, statement necklaces and more can help you breath new life into that old dress of yours!