Spend and Save

Are you a spender? a saver? Or both? Whoever you are, there will always be a moment where we want to save and spend at the same time. But how do we do both? How do we satisfy our wants and needs whilst not sacrificing a lot of money in our bank accounts?

We found some ways that might help you in this kind of situation.

Be Techy

We are now living in a society where smartphones, tablets and computers are essential. Convenience is our main target to live a life fast and easy.

How is it connected with our topic?



When shopping online, it saves you from traffic and saves you from spending another litre of petrol and not just that – there are a lot of discounts and promos on online shopping platforms too!

Explore your phone. There are a lot of shopping applications to choose from. Here are some top online shopping stores that are popular in Australia.:

• Wish- Shopping Made Fun

• eBay

• Zip -Shop Now, Pay Later

• Amazon

• Woolworths

Handy Tip:

Get familiar with flash sales. These are discounted items that you can get for a short amount of time.

Spend on Gift Cards

This is one of the best ways for you to save money in terms of buying a gift for someone dear to you. Gift Cards are easy to buy and very convenient to send. This way they can choose what kind of present they get for that particular amount and will appreciate it more.

Sign up for Birthday Discounts

The best way to spend your birthday? Memories with friends and families, not things. Most of these promotions last for your birthday month so take advantage of the special offers available at eateries, clubs, and bars. This is a very practical way for you to have fun on your day and not spend a lot.

There are a lot of stores that have birthday clubs for you to sign up to. You can get a coupon for each birthday that can be used for discounts and so on. You can also find this on some applications online! Try it. You might get a free birthday cake too!

Save Coupons

Ever watch a movie and see people using coupons to get discounts? You can also do that too. This style may be old but it is still very useful. Try asking your family and friends and borrow their last week’s newspaper or even a day old newspaper. You might be surprised how many coupons you can get from there. But that’s the thing – your option to save more is literally out there!

Be a member of a Grocery store club

Always shopping at your favorite grocery store? How about becoming a member of their club! This is not as bad as it looks.

You see when you purchase your items, you don’t get anything in return. None. Nothing. Nada.

But when you become a member of that store, you will accumulate points every time you purchase. Those points can be redeemed on your next purchases and you also have the freedom to decide when to use those!

It’s like Starbucks giving you a free Frappuccino after accumulating 12 beverage stars! How great and convenient is that?!

These are just a few among the many ways to save money. The key here is discipline and smart spending. You need to always be mindful of where your money goes because whether you like it or not – money spent is money gone.