Tips on How to Spend Less on Valentine’s Day

They say that love is extravagant but we also believe that you don’t need to go broke just to prove that you love or like someone.

Here are some ways you can make your special someone have a memorable day without breaking your budget.

Breakfast in Bed

Let’s start the day with a good breakfast in bed. Cooking and serving food for the whole family is a daily routine but serving breakfast made especially for your partner is a great way to show and express your love. Cook your significant other’s favourite meal and serve it in bed. 😊 Yum! Cost: everything that’s already in your kitchen!

Chocolates and Flowers [On-Sale!]

There’s just something really annoying about special occasions. Businesses just seem to double their prices like it’s their one-time advantage because people will likely buy anyway BUT that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a choice.

Just like Christmas or Halloween, Valentine’s gifts if you search thoroughly online and in catalogues can be found at less than retail prices.

As for the flowers, a bunch or basket of dried flowers last forever!

And don’t forget discount stores! Most of them have imported chocolates with prices that remain the same all year round.

DIY Dinner Date Under The Stars

Just like you and any other couple, it’s difficult to find a perfect restaurant on February 14th as reservations at popular restaurants fill up quickly. Not to mention that most restaurants have fixed dinner rates for two or raise menu prices on that day.

So why not plan a perfect dinner date in your backyard? Check out Pinterest to help you get some ideas and if you don’t have time to cook order food in, buy a bottle of wine then relax!

Extra props: Romantic music, candles, a wonderful view of the stars

Be Creative

Create some personalised gifts. Make a card, write a poem, make a photo album and many more! Remember that it’s the thought that counts and being creative might show your hidden talent which gives you bonus points than spending a lot of money.

We hope that these tips will help you have a great and fun-filled day with your beloved. Always remember that you don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to show how much you love them. All you need is just a little time and effort. 😊