Top 3 Secrets of an Avid Reader in Saving Money on Books

If you are an avid reader you may be guilty of spending lots of money on books or e-books. Satisfying as it can be - sometimes the budgeting struggle is real as you still have other priorities such as bills, needs, etc. and your monthly budget to take care of. We have listed some money-saving tips for a bookworm like you!

Secret #1

Make use of the public library.

If you’re truly a book-lover the public library is heaven for you. It’s simply an enormous smörgåsbord of books of any kind and they’re all FREE for reading! If you have a good library in your suburb, a library card is a ticket to every world you have ever dreamed of and to every era in history.

Having lazy days or tired of going out? Hey don’t worry! You can still enjoy reading or researching even if you are at home! Below are links of some of the states e-libraries in which you can borrow and enjoy reading titles!

Queensland Regional OverDrive Consortium - OverDrive

Ebooks | State Library Of Queensland

Secret #2

Read E-books and get them for FREE

Reading e-books is a popular trend nowadays and purchasing them is not really that costly compared to buying printed books. Here are some of the best websites in which you can get e-books for FREE. Don’t worry these websites are legal!

Also, if you have an e-reader like Nook or Kindle, check their daily offers of $1 e-books in the shopping section.

Project Gutenburg



Manybooks .net

Secret #3

Sell books to buy new ones and more!

Bookworms tend to have read thousands of books and having them in your personal space can occupy a lot of space in your home. I know you have this special attachment to some of your favourite books but you just have to sell your least favourite ones and get a new collection with your profit.

Click here to check the places near you and sell those preloved books now!

So here they are. We hope we have helped you make your hobby in reading affordable and fun. “Keep reading. It’s one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have. -Lloyd Alexander”