Treat Yourself without Spending Money

Having a bad day? Feeling down? Been promoted? Treat yourself!

Treating yourself doesn’t mean you have to splurge tons of cash on material things or expensive experiences. Sometimes, as simple as pampering yourself at home can really do the trick!

We have made a list of some ways that you can treat yourself without spending a penny.

Take A Nap

Sleeping is a perfect treat for your mind and body than anything else. An afternoon nap is a rare luxury and if the opportunity becomes available take full advantage of it and take at least a 30-minute nap if you want to re-energise yourself.

These days people who are always busy lack sleep and have a bad sleeping routine so try to have the recommended 8 hours-a-day sleeping pattern.


De-stress and refresh yourself by exercising. Doing a few home exercise videos or going for a jog outside releases endorphins and can enhance your mood.

It’s time to wear those workout clothes! 😊

Pamper yourself at home

If going to spa costs you a lot, then try doing it at home. Relax by painting your nails, doing a mini-facial or even taking a bubble bath and turn on that relaxing music to complete the experience!

Take time to Read

Grab a book and snuggle in your comfy blanket. It’s one of the best ways to treat yourself and spend a bit of time on your own in a nice quiet environment away from the stressful work week.

Turn the Music On

Sometimes the perfect way to express your feelings and relax is through music. So, turn up those speakers and sing and dance to the music.

Bake Something Sweet

Speaking of treats that you deserve take time to do some baking! Chocolate cookies, cupcakes or a cheesecake perhaps? Yummy!

Get FREE Food

Yes, correct you can get food for Free! There are so many ways to treat yourself to free food and drinks by downloading some restaurant applications and taking advantage of coupons and promos. Check it out here.

Go Outdoors

You might want to unwind by strolling outside. Perhaps go to your nearest beach and walk on the shoreline. Give it a try – it’s actually relaxing and the breeze is definitely refreshing! If beaches are not for you, go hiking or mountain-climbing at the nearest park it won’t cost you anything.

These are just some of the ways to treat yourself without spending at tonne. You might be surprised that rewarding yourself can be this simple. So go, have fun and treat yourself! 😉