Wasting Money Without Noticing It

While tracking your expenses, you realise that you always come short and found out that those tiny expenses are the reason. Want to know what are some of them? We have listed out some small leaks to your expenses that we have never realised that we are wasting money on for no valid reason at all.

Sale and Promotional Items

Remember Black Friday? Year-end sale? Those kinds of shopping commercials that we see on the internet or on television. Is there really a need to buy those half the price off dress or shoes? Nope. Everything marked as ‘SALE’ is only bait for us to splurge. Same goes with the ‘buy 1 take 2’ scheme that we usually see in the supermarket or grocery stores. We usually end up buying things that we don’t need for the time being or even ended up buying a product that might be expired in a day or so. Watch out for these kinds of advertisements as it is almost always a trap for people. Perhaps make it a habit to list and buy only the things that you need and not to be easily tempted with those sale promotions.

Throwing out food

Opened the fridge and found out that you have rotten veggies or fruits. That’s already wasting money! Always plan and list down the food that you think you can eat for the next 3-5 days or so. If you don’t usually eat at home, try to buy some food that has a long shelf life. Remember that we are not talking about junk foods. Buy something that is healthy like apples, carrots or even a pack of frozen corn or peas perhaps? 😉

Memberships or Subscriptions

We all have that moment that we decide to be a member of a particular club, or subscribe on our favorite website. Then comes a busy schedule and you totally forgot about these! Uh-oh. Find a time to sit and have a look at those membership cards and subscriptions that you have. Decide which are very useful for your daily life and cut back the others.

For example, if you have a gym membership card in which you don’t usually go to, why not stay at home and find some good fitness channels on Youtube instead? Or think about your television usage – Do you still need your cable plan? How about sign up to some websites that offer lower than your cable plan instead? (Yes, we’re talking about you, Netflix!) You are not just saving money on the subscription you are also cutting back your television electricity bill. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

Flight Charges

Planning on a trip or have booked for a flight and realised that your friends paid less than you did? Perhaps they know something that you don’t know! As mentioned on our travel blog, the best days for booking a flight is between Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There is also one easy trick that you can share with your pals as well – when shopping for an online ticket, switch to private browsing mode or also known as an incognito mode. Check it out and see the difference! 😊


Always stuck in a traffic? According to the Daily Monitor, the slower a vehicle drives in traffic congestion, the more fuel it consumes. And that is also another hidden splurge that we don’t usually notice. How about think of another way not to ride your cars? Perhaps riding a bicycle and if your destination is near how about walking instead? Or if there is no urgent need to go to the metro, set a day for you to catch your errands in a one whole day. You can also download some unique apps that you can download to help you save petrol money.

Take note that these are just a few and tiny ways for you to able to cut back for you to save money. But remember that you also need to start considering your finances seriously. It is always a good way if you are financially literate and can consult to professional financial advisers as they know how to help and keep you manage your finances straight.

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