Ways to Exercise on a budget or even for FREE!

According to Goskills.com, two of the top 10 New Year’s resolution that people have are:

No. 1 – Exercise more

No. 2 – Lose weight

Do you have any of these two in your list this year?

If yes, then you have probably already thought on signing up for a gym membership but you may also be concerned on how to manage time and budget.

Forget the gym if it’s going to cost you too much time and money but don’t worry! You don’t have to spend tons of money to get into shape. We have some effective ways on how to achieve your #bodygoals without going broke!

1 – Explore the Great Outdoors

Benefit #1 It’s FREE.

Benefit #2 You’re breathing fresh air.

It is extremely good for your mind after too much stress at work. Go for a run or walk at least 30 minutes a day. But what if you can’t? Take it to the stairs! 😉

Handy Tip:

Always bring a bottle of water with you as you need to stay hydrated while working out and if you can, do not bring any cash with you to avoid buying something along the way.

2 – Youtube

There are thousands of work out videos on Youtube that you can choose from! If you only have a small amount of free time, you can find some 5 minute workouts there. You can choose to work out routines that are suitable for beginners to advanced level of exercising. You can also search for workouts that don’t need any exercising equipment. You can do your exercise at home, in the office or park as long as you are connected to the internet and of course, it is all for FREE! Who doesn't like a free workout?!

Handy Tip:

My favorite channel is Pop Sugar Fitness <3 I love their routines as they are very simple and effective!

3 – Television Show

Since you are still paying for your television bill, then let’s make use of it. Turn on your tv and start looking for workout programs and see what works for you. Easy-peasy! 😉

Handy Tip:

Are you a member of Amazon Prime? You have the privilege to access FREE workouts such as Zumba, Pilates, Ab-workouts and many more. Try it!

4 – Mobile Apps

There are hundreds of exercise apps that you can download on your phone. It’s portable and is easy since it is just one tap away from achieving your fitness goals. Also, most of these kind of application will remind you to work out as they pop up on your notification bar every day! Some of these apps might take a little money from you but worry not, there are a lot of applications that offer it to you for free.

Handy Tip: If you are an android user, try an application like the 30-day challenge app and see better results after 30 days.

5 – DVD

You might think this is not appropriate for this generation as it is not on trend or even some people don’t seem to like it but hey DVD’s are now way to cheaper than before. Take a look online – you’ll be surprised how many discounts you can get and yes sometimes you can even have a piece of free exercise equipment too. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

We hope that these ideas might help you get back or be in better shape than you use to be. Always remember to be confident in your own body, embrace your imperfection and always be true to yourself. 😊