Ways To Help Kids Earn Money

We have gathered some fun ideas that your kids can earn money and enjoy at the same time.

Garage Sale

Having a garage sale is a good way to earn money and will also let you have mass cleaning of unwanted items. Kids may tend to have too much stuff and this is a great way to get rid of some of the old ones or the things that they do not use anymore. Set up a day or a weekend where you can help your children clean the house and their room and let them decide what items they want to sell. If the garage sale is successful, let them keep the money that they have earned from selling their own items.

Neighbourhood Helper

Yes, you can let your kids help your neighbour and let them earn money at the same time!

Here are some quick and easy services that you can let your children do:

  • Taking care of their plants

  • Sweeping their backyard

  • Wiping the windows

  • Looking after their pets when they are not at home

  • Taking out the rubbish bins

Help your children improve their services by practicing at home first. Then, you can also help them advertise their services by printing out some flyers and distributing it to the neighbourhood.

Lemonade and Popsicle Stand

You and your kids might probably have seen it on the television but yes it works! Set up a lemonade stand outside your house and sell lemonade in the neighbourhood. You can also add twist on your lemonade stand by selling some homemade ice blocks or cupcakes too! There are a lot of DIY ice block recipes that you can find online. These are perfect for cooling off after a hot day or even after a run through the sprinklers -- even adults can’t resist them. Yum!

Pet Services

Did you know that many people often travel during all times of the year? Now is the chance to earn extra money too. Most of the people who travel leave their pets at home so, how about taking care of their pets for a day or two? Most of the tasks only include walking, giving them food and be their companion while their owner is not around.

There are tons of ways to earn but what’s more important is to let your kids grow and be a strong and independent person who enjoys what they do.