Winter is Here: Money-Saving Tips for the Cold Season

Can you already feel the cold breeze? Well that feels and smells like warm and thick sweaters! The cold can be pretty harsh sometimes. It’s chilly, gloomy and even expensive. Whilst we can’t do anything about the cold there are ways you can save yourself from spending too much this winter!

Heatproof Your House

As you have probably read in some articles keeping your thermostat down will save you money but it is not just that. You can also bring your electricity bill down by doing the following:

- Close the doors of the rooms that you are not using such as bathrooms and laundries.

By doing so you are actually reducing the area you need to heat and you will also use less energy to heat the rest of the house.

- Shut the curtains or blinds. This is an easy trick to stop the heat from escaping.

- Check your windows are shut tightly and make sure that the hot air won’t escape while the cold air seeps in.

- Purchase and use a draft stopper. Invest in draft-proofing strips, door snakes and door seals to keep the heat in. But only invest in those that are affordable yet durable! Winter won’t last that long anyway but it will come back next year.

Turn the Lights Off

Turn off the lights, cable boxes, TV and anything that you leave on while you’re sleeping or going outside. Not only are you saving energy but you are also saving yourself some money on your electricity bill!

Stay Indoors to Save Petrol

Whether we like it or not petrol is expensive. During winter a car eats petrol even faster because of the heat that you turn on inside the car. The best solution to save petrol is by making only one trip to the grocery store a week, going to work and coming right back home without any unnecessary stops in between. Also, it keeps you away from minor accidents as the roads are slippery or foggy (depends on which state you’re currently living in!). So stay safe and save!

Short Shower Sessions

Did you know that staying in the shower uses up to 20 times of energy as standing under two heat lamps? Hot water usage accounts for around 21% of your energy bill so having short shower trips can result in big energy savings.

So that’s it! Keep warm and money-savvy this winter.

Always remember that whatever season it is the best way to save money on your energy bills is to be mindful of how you use energy.